Servicing & Maintenance

Vibration System Servicing

CentraTEQ provides a full maintenance and breakdown service for electrodynamic vibration systems.

Vibration shakers can last for years providing reliable and repeatable testing in a wide range of environments. However, as with any machine they will inevitably require some looking after and occasionally need repair. If your vibration shaker should fail, it will interrupt your testing programme and will almost certainly cause delays.

We recommend an annual preventative service to fix problems before they occur. Our contract maintenance packages offer various levels of service to suit your working practices and to provide the response cover that meets your project timescales during breakdowns.

Our team of experienced service engineers have worked on all types of shakers and amplifiers over the years and can provide expert advice, repair and maintenance for your system.

If you have a system that requires servicing or maintenance, please contact us.

  • Vibration shaker system servicing and maintenance
  • CentraTEQ vibration test system servicing and maintenance

CentraTEQ is partnered with V-TEQ to provide long-term service contracts to all our customers as well as offering servicing & maintenance work for other systems.

V-TEQ has many years of experience & is the only independently owned vibration service business in the UK.