Here at CentraTEQ we endeavour to bring our customers the best available testing equipment from the top international suppliers. To that end, we have partnered with several indusry leading manufacturers to distribute their product test solutions to the UK market. We work to ensure these partners meet our standards of quality, efficiency and cost to guarantee that our customers recieve the right solution for their product.

ETS Solutions is a leading international supplier of vibration testing equipment, including shakers, amplifiers and slip tables. With systems installed in over 30 countries, their position as  global industry leader. CentraTEQ are proud to be their exclusive UK representative.

Hanse Environmental has been a global supplier of Environmental Stress Test systems for over 25 years. They provide the largest standard line of advanced HALT/HASS chambers, as well as specialized environmental chambers, environmental processing systems, and six-degree-of-freedom vibration systems.

Maul-Theet sell data acquisition systems for vibration measurements, laser vibrometer, actuators, sensors and several software products in the area of structural dynamics. Their signature vImpact automatic modal hammer provides precise and reproducible structural excitation testing in one system.

Benchmark is a global engineering design, manufacturing, test, and supply chain service provider. CentraTEQ are the UK representatives for Benchmark for their range of specialised AVEX shock test machines, which provide commerical, industrial and military product shock testing.

Quality Electronics Design S.A. (QED) are a german vibration test & monitoring manufacturer and researcher. CentraTEQ distribute their Gnostic64 ultra high speed contact measuring system in the UK & Ireland. CentraTEQ are also happy to supply copies of 'Good Vibrations', written by the Managing Director of QED Ben Haest, which provides an introduction into the field of vibration testing.

V-TEQ Vibration Services Ltd specialise in the repair of electrodynamic vibration systems. CentraTEQ proudly partner with V-TEQ to provide servicing contracts and provide maintenance for new and existing vibration systems.