MAUL-THEET GmbH is a structural dynamics company located in Berlin with over 25 years experience, including vibration measurement and analysis. They are pioneers in the industries of structural dynamics and vibration testing, developing equipment and software as well as advancing testing techniques. This leading equipment includes automatic modal hammers, modular data acquisition systems and single/multi-point scanning laser systems, of which CentraTEQ is proud to be a supplier. The accompanying software has a range of innovative functions, as well as hard disc and SSD parallel compatibility for saving and revisiting data.

The vImpact automatic modal hammer bypasses the problem of “Double Hits” which occur during manual excitation with small modal hammers. It can precisely excite structures up to 40kHz with reproducible results. The range of trigger options available for this system allows even more control over tests.

The vMeas data analysis system can be supplied to your specific needs through the range of high precision modular data acquisition units and specialist software packages. A system designed for your needs will allow for more detailed and accurate testing without complication.

The ScanSet can upgrade any single-point laser to a full laser scanning system. The single-point laser is fixed to the ScanSet holder which has adjoining mirror units, HD CCD camera and 4, 3 or 2 channel data acquisition unit. This impressive hardware is easy to use with the PC and specialist software provided by Maul-Theet, which includes all the functions needed from comprehensive testing.

MAUL-THEET analysers and software include a vast range of functions and techniques, designed to meet all your testing requirements while still being easy to use. See below for more information on the MAUL-THEET products we supply.


Automatic modal hammers for automated excitation testing of up to 2000N force at frequencies of up to 40kHz.


Modular data acquisition systems providing
dynamic data capture for a range of mobile or test facility applications. Provides USB data output and DC, AC & IEPE power coupling.


Single/Multi-point scanning laser systems for laser vibrometry, with matching controllers for data acquisition and signal digitization.