Maul-Theet GmbH sell data acquisition systems for vibration measurements, laser vibrometer, actuators, sensors and several software products in the area of structural dynamics. Based in Berlin, their engineers have a long experience in vibration measurement and analysis. They develop software tools for vibration measurement, analysis and calculation, compatible with their own physical systems.

The Maul-Theet vImpact automatic modal hammer is designed to excite structures up to 40 kHz without “Double Hits”. The vImpact controller enables the user to trigger the impact with a button, a closer or by an internal timer interval.

With ScanSet a single point laser can be upgraded to a laser scanning system. The ScanSet includes the head with the mirrors and the HD CCD camera, the data acquisition system and the software to set up and analyse the measurements. The modal software is integrated in the ScanSet.

Maul-Theet analysers include a lot of functions like FFT, auto power, cross spectrum, FRF, third octave and octave spectrum. All data can be save on hard disc / ssd parallel during the measurement and be analysed later like during the measurement.


Automatic modal hammers for automated excitation testing of up to 2000N force at frequencies of up to 40kHz.


Modular data acquisition systems providing dynamic data capture for a range of mobile or test facility applications. Provides USB data output and DC, AC & IEPE power coupling.


Single/Multi-point scanning laser systems for laser vibrometry, with matching controllers for data acquisition and signal digitization.