Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) are methods of testing product reliability aimed at finding stress-related defects in products. HALT/HASS Test Systems subject products to overstresses and accelerate fatigue to reveal weakness in design and composition by random six-degree-of-freedom vibration and rapid temperature change to test combined environmental factors.

Hanse Environmental manufacture the largest standard line of HALT/HASS Chambers, and concentrate their engineering efforts on further advancing the performance of their chambers. 8 standard models are available as well as customised configurations, providing temperature cycling and full 6-degrees-of-freedom.

In addition, Hanse design and manufacture specialised environmental chambers (humidity test chambers, corrosion test chambers, temperature/humidity test chambers etc.) for extreme performance requirements.


Temperature Range: -100 to +200oC
Temperature Change Rate: 70 oC/min (-65 to +100 oC with 50lb Aluminum Fin Coil Load)
Temperature Control: ± 1 oC after stabilization
Tri-Axial Vibration: Six-Degree-of-Freedom (6DoF) Vibration, non-coherent broadband vibration 5-10,000Hz
  • New 100 gRMS In select models.
  • Ceramic-Coated Vibration Table
  • 90% of vibration energy in 5-4000Hz for maximum energy in low frequency range
  • Ultra-Hi vibration performance option in Models V-16 and 25.

HALT/HASS System Features

  • HighRateTM Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System: Direct atomization in control plenum, InfitrolTM proportional control valve for Models VTC-4 and up (Optional for VTC-1.5), and redundant solenoid safety valve.
  • Adjustable Air Flow Plenum: For directing airflow to product. Minimum (4) 3" dia. ports for distributed airflow to product - Models VTC-4 and up. Vibration Exciters: LubeMistTM lubricated vibrators with adjustable ball valves, one for each pneumatic vibrator for low G-level performance using fewer vibrators. SoftStartTM designed vibrators minimize starting shock to products.