Custom Vibration Testing Fixtures

Vibration testing and shock testing are part of many test programs, and there are a wide variety of vibration types, but the one thing every test has in common is that the equipment under test must be mounted with specialist vibration testing fixtures to interface between the vibration table and the product. These fixtures have to be custom designed to meet the holding points on the payload and the fixing points on the vibration system and must not compromise the results of the tests.

CentraTEQ offers design and manufacture of test fixtures for both new customers and users of vibration tables from any manufacturer.

  • Enables reliable connection to your vibration test system.
  • Can very precisely simulate product under test real life mounting geometry for more accurate test simulation.
  • Can allow multiple products to be tested at the same time.
  • Allows testing of multiple products in different axis at the same time.
  • Various materials of manufacture depending on test environment, mass requirements, etc.
  • Can be designed with a common base platform initially allowing simpler adaptors to be used as product develops and changes.
  • Fixture designs optimised to ensure no unwanted resonances caused by poor jig design are applied to your product under test.

vibration test fixtures Vibration test fixtures custom design for Protean Electric In Wheel Motors

Protean Electric Case Study

Protean Electric partnered with CentraTEQ for custom vibration test fixture design to overcome the challenges they were facing in the vibration testing of their in-wheel motor technology. Read the case study published in Engineering Magazine.

Without well designed and precisely fabricated fixturing, the coupling between the test item and vibration system is usually compromised and can result in under-test or over-test of the product. The test results may well be erratic, time will be spent troubleshooting, and ultimately a fix will need to be implemented that should have been included in the original design.

 From concept to manufacture CentraTEQ provides a complete turnkey solution to your vibration fixture requirements helping to guarantee the integrity of your tests.

All we need from you is:


Technical drawing of your payload


Details of which Vibration System you are using


Your test profile

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