vImpact - Automatic Modal Hammer

MAUL-THEET developed the automatic modal hammer "vImpact" product family as a solution to the issue of 'double hit' when using manual modal hammers for excitation. Their automated system enables you to precisely and reproducibly excite structures and measure the excitation forces. The series of automatic modal hammer from MAUL-THEET includes the vImpact-21, vImpact-61 and vImpact-2001. The difference lies mainly in the performance of the measuring range – the vImpact–60 series to max. 60kHz, the vImpact–20 series measures up to 20kHz.

Unlike their predecessors vImpact-60, vImpact-20 and vImpact-2000, the new models have increased the maximum power of impact, especially during overhead excitation. At the same time, we have made them more user-friendly by reducing the number of controls and improving the ability to adjust the impact force. Furthermore, the signal cable can be grounded via a switch to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

The vImpact-21.i & vImpact-61.i offer the same specifications as the vImpact-21/61, but do not have an adjustable hammer force.

The vImpact system is divided into two components:

  • Hammer Head 
  • Controller
The hammer head includes the small Modal hammer who has an integrated force cell and the electro dynamic actor that moves the hammer. The control unit sends the impulse that moves the Modal hammer to the actor inside the hammer head. The measured force signal is at the output of the control unit available. The hammer can be triggered by several methods:
  • Manually with a button on the control unit
  • By closing the external input e.g. by a push button extension or by a third-party device.
  • Via a TTL pulse at the external input.
  • With the built-in timer in the range of 4 beats per second up to 1 beat per 1000s (16 minutes)


Max impact force: 150N peak
Frequency range: 20kHz
Power supply: 24V


Max impact force: 150N peak
Frequency range: 40kHz
Power supply: 24V


Max impact force: 2000N peak
Frequency range: 6kHz
Power supply: 36V


See demonstrations by Maul-Theet of the vImpact-61 and vImpact-2001.