Drop & Shock Testers

Package Drop & Shock Testing

Package testing is a fundamental requirement for any product being shipped. Drop, Shock and Vibration testing of products and materials determines how items can physically and functionally tolerate sporadic, short term, forceful impacts or shocks that may occur during handling and transportation and evaluate the fragility of the packaging and cushioning.

Product packaging should protect goods from being damaged if they are dropped or experience an impact. Shock and drop testing helps establish the packaging requirements that will make sure that such occurrences will not damage the products and that they reach their destination in perfect condition.

Drop Testing

Drop tests, sometimes called free fall tests, usually comprise of a range of drops from different angles - on the edges, faces and corners of the packaging to find any weaknesses which can then be addressed.

Packaging Groups are allocated different levels of criteria and the more serious the risk posed by the products being shipped, then the stricter the compliance checks and requirements become. The least strict usually involves a 0.8m drop test whilst the most strict will typically require a 2m drop test.

Shock Testing

Shock tests are used to measure the impact of sudden acceleration caused by a collision and mechanically test the package for compression resistance. Instrumentation is used to measure the shock transmitted to a cushioned product.

Drop & Shock Test Machines

CentraTEQ offer a range of Drop & Shock systems from a number of international suppliers to allow manufacturers to systematically test and optimise their product design and packaging to recognised standards in numerous industries, from consumer goods to military.

Drop Testers.
Available in two sizes:
DT150 drop heights 0.3m to 1.5m.
DT200 drop height 0.3m to 2.0m.
Both have maximum payload of 85kg, 0.8m x 0.8m x 0.8m

KDT2000 Release Hook.
Maximum payload 1500kg.
Operated by a foot pedal and compressed air.

HSRS Series Pneumatic Shock Response Spectrum Test Machine.

Delivering SRS testing for a more effective reproduction of real-life situations.
Suitable for payloads from 50kg to 300kg, and acceleration levels from 15,000 G to 8,000 g respectively.

VAS I Shock Testing System

Pneumatic vertical shock tester.
Emphasis on bump testing and also can perform shock test.
Especially suitable for battery testing.

MHI Shock Testing System

Bevel shock (Incline) tester.
Suitable for bevel tests under different conditions. Mainly used to simulate product’s ability to
 withstand shock during actual transportation.
Typically used for full pallet testing.

In addition to these drop shock testers shown, there are many more different systems and applications where we are able to supply the appropriate packaging and transportation test systems to meet your demands.

Do you need to perform a packaging test but are not sure what you need?

At CentraTEQ we will advise you and help you guarantee the safety of your products.

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to find the right drop / shock test machine for your specific packaging.