AVEX Shock

CentraTEQ Ltd are the UK representatives for the US company Benchmark for their range of specialised shock testing equipment.

Benchmark designs and builds three models of AVEX® Shock Machine® microprocessor-operated test systems. Shock Machines are used in design and destructive testing of components, hybrids, circuits, and complete assemblies. AVEX machines are used all over the world, for both the commercial field as well as military applications, testing a variety of products, from disk drives to wristwatches, spark plugs to automotive sensors.

Shock Machine Product Features:
• Keypad Entry of Test Parameters
• Shock Testing of 3G’s to 30,000G’s
• Shock Durations 0.012ms to 100ms
• Accurate & Repeatable Test Results
• Three Inputs to choose from:
• Half Sine
• Saw tooth
• Square Wave
• Waveforms Comply with MIL-STD 810, 202, 750, 883
• Test Specimen Weights Up to 1,000 lbs (453.59 kg)

Shock Machine Systems:

Watch the Avex Shock Machine in action