Gnostic 64

Centrateq Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Quality Electronics Design S.A. of Luxembourg, to distribute their unique Gnostic64 ultra high speed contact measurement system in the UK and Ireland.

The system was developed by Ben Haest the Managing Director of QED in response to a need within the Test and Development community to measure high speed electronic contact response to vibration and environmental testing in the laboratory. Originally driven by specifications within the Automotive industry, this has now become a more widely specified requirement within all types of electronic equipment use.

The Gnostic64 Systems offer a unique solution to monitoring electronic contacts during vibration or other environmental testing regimes. 

The system offers the flexibility of using different measurement parameters, like sample rates and trigger levels, to qualify different sorts of contacts according to different norms and standards. Interrupt times as short as 100 ns and contact resistance thresholds as low as 1 Ohm can easily be detected.

  • Up up 64 Simultaneous measurement channels
  • Independent current source per channel
  • High accuracy programmable time trigger
  • Up to 12.5 nano seconds time resolution
  • Independent amplitude trigger for each channel
  • Recording of micro interruptions for off-line analysis
  • Multiple simultaneous trigger events ensure no data loss
  • Signal conditioning for noise-free and reliable measurements
  • Recording of the excitation frequency and temperature during test
  • Recording of the contact resistance trend during the test
  • Synchronisation of multiple systems


The system comes complete with its own bespoke analysis software suite to maximise the benefits of the data collected.

The introduction of a new PCIe card with an integrated electronically stable 100 mA current source offers many advantages, compared to the previous system configuration. The voltage across the contact can now be read directly in Ohm. The measurement signals show minimal noise and the zero voltage reference is extremely stable, required for absolute readings like resistance values

Available as an 8 channel base system or up to 64 channels for applications requiring the monitoring of numerous electronic contacts, the Gnostic64 has established itself as the only way of reliably monitoring and measuring micro contact events during all types of vibration, environmental and endurance tests.


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