Worlds largest high performance 4 Poster vibration test system

ETS Solutions have recently developed the world's largest high performance 4 Poster vibration test system with four 350kN vibration test systems to carry out vibration test on mining vehicles, one of the heaviest vehicles to be found. It is believed to be the very first time that such tests have been performed.

Mining vehicles operate in extremely harsh outdoor environments under intense levels of vibration meaning they are prone to high levels of stress fatigue. These harsh conditions can affect the life span of the vehicle as well as the health and safety of the driver.

The four-poster rig is an accepted means of road profile simulation enabling the four tyres of the vehicle to sit on four separate tables. The ground surface conditions have a huge impact on any vehicle’s suspension and frame, so the 4-poster set up offers functions to validate these specific components.

The Details:

ETS Solutions developed:

·       Four poster 350kN vibration test system

·       Total thrust of 1400kN.

·       Designed to carry a test load of up to 100 tons capacity

·       System frequency range 0.5 - 2000 Hz

·       Peak to peak displacement reaches 76mm

·       Peak velocity 2m/s

·       Phase control synchronization accuracy is maintained at ± 20

The system fully meets the test requirements of heavy-duty vehicles.

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