The Synergy of Combined Vibration and Environmental Testing

In the realm of vibration testing, where we typically delve deep into product performance evaluation, it becomes evident that sometimes a singular perspective is not enough. Vibration testing has long been an essential tool in assessing a product's resilience to mechanical stresses, however, to capture the full spectrum of challenges that products face in their operational environments, it's sometimes crucial to broaden the perspective. The integration of environmental testing alongside vibration testing becomes a necessity to achieve a holistic evaluation of product reliability.

Real World Challenges

Environmental testing, encompassing variables like temperature, humidity, and altitude, replicates real-world conditions that products must endure. But the environment is not static; it's dynamic, where these factors interact with mechanical vibrations, creating a compounded set of challenges.

Consider a scenario where a product is subject to both vibration and temperature fluctuations. These fluctuations introduce thermal expansion and contraction, potentially causing cyclic stresses on materials. This interplay of mechanical vibration and temperature change can accelerate wear and tear, leading to fatigue, cracking, or even component failure.

Similarly, when humidity comes into the equation, it introduces the risk of moisture ingress. The combination of vibrations and humidity can accelerate the penetration of moisture into the product, causing corrosion, damage to sensitive electronics, and material degradation. This moisture-induced damage, when coupled with mechanical vibration, further complicates the reliability assessment.

Moreover, altitude changes amplify the stresses. Reduced air pressure at higher altitudes can impact pressure-sensitive components, which are vulnerable to deformation or leakage. When these components are subjected to mechanical vibrations under low-pressure conditions, the potential for stress-induced damage escalates.

Collaborative Solutions

For CentraTEQ, as a supplier of vibration testing equipment, understanding the intrinsic link between mechanical vibration and environmental factors is fundamental. We've formed strategic alliances with top environmental test chamber suppliers to offer a unified approach combining vibration and environmental testing - allowing our customers to ensure that their products are engineered to withstand the dynamic and demanding world of real-world use and assure superior performance, resilience, and reliability. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience integrating climatic chambers from a number of manufacturers with vibration test systems from ETS Solutions. There are many pitfalls when trying to do to this independently. Speak to us directly and we will work with you throughout the project, from conception to commissioning.

Ready to take your product reliability to the next level? Contact us today and let's discuss how our holistic testing approach can ensure your products are engineered to thrive in the real world.