Simulating launch-induced vibration to test space rockets

ETS Solutions, specialists in environmental and vibration testing systems, have successfully developed a 700kN force electrodynamic vibration test system, which comprises of dual 350kN electrodynamic vibration and shock achieving a total thrust of up to 700kN. The system has been deployed for the vibration testing of equipment on the CZ-5 rocket.

The multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) vibration control technology, combined with the dual shaker vibration test system with phase control enables different flight vibration environments to be fully simulated and deployed on the CZ-5 rocket instrument cabin.

Rocket boosters and spacecraft are subject to intense acoustic environments during launch, which induce high levels of vibration in structural elements and equipment. Using the new system the rockets instrument module is tested by simulating the vibration during flight to enable accurate evaluation of the suitability and reliability of the instrument compartment as it is subjected to the different environments during a launch and flight. These tests lay the foundation for successful operation of the CZ-5 rocket.

The CZ-5 is a Chinese heavy-lift launch vehicle developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT). It is the first Chinese launch vehicle designed to exclusively use non-hypergolic liquid propellants. It is the fifth iteration of the Long March rocket family.

CentraTEQ offers a wide range of ETS Solutions test equipment needed to evaluate all aspects of structural dynamics, including vibration, vibroacoustics, modal characteristics, sound transmission loss, and shock testing.

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