Development, testing and qualification of ruggedised optics

Resolve Optics has installed and commissioned a new vibration test centre adding to the suite of in-house lens testing equipment the company is able to offer.

As part of this expansion, Resolve Optics collaborated with CentraTEQ, a trusted supplier of cutting-edge vibration testing solutions, to acquire the ETS MPA101-L215M Vibration Shaker and DTC Venzo 880 controller, certified and calibrated in accordance with ISO standards. This collaboration with CentraTEQ allows Resolve Optics to not only carry out all the common forms of vibration testing, but also undertake specialist vibration / shock qualification tests in accordance with customer requirements.

Lenses used in harsh industrial inspection, military and space applications are often exposed to vibrations, shocks, temperature changes, radiation, and contaminants. Resolve Optics has decades of experience in developing OEM quantities of application optimised custom lenses able to perform in these harsh environments. Ruggedisation to prevent changes in focus from shock and vibration is often enabled by simplifying the lens design and reenforcing the mechanics of the optical system.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director of Resolve Optics commented “Environmental testing has become more and more of a selection criterion for clients seeking development of a ruggedised lens or optical system. The requirement for ‘proof of operation’ vibration and shock testing is the most common environmental test we are asked to undertake." 

"Our new vibration test facility enables us to carry out Random, Random on Random, Sine Sweeps, and Classic Shock tests and provide detailed reports of the results from the test carried out. This allows Resolve Optics to not only qualify the ruggedised lenses we supply but we can also provide vibration testing for our customers systems as well”.

He added “Our new shaker may be a baby in the vibration world but it can shake 20 Kg at 9 g rms and 12 Kg at 14 g rms, making it a very capable machine”.

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