Digital Vibration Controllers
CentraTEQ Ltd can provide a range of closed loop vibration control systems to suit every application and every budget. Our close links with suppliers of these systems means we can offer the best solution for your needs.

Everything from low cost low channel controllers with one or two control modes (Random, Sine or Classical Shock) through to High channel high power controllers with all control modes.

- Frequency range up to 18.75kHz
- 4 to high Channels
- COLA output
- Random, Sine, Classical Shock, SRS (Shock Response Spectra)
- Resonance Search, Track & Dwell, Sine on Random, Random on Random, Sine on Random on Random.
- Transient Time history, Roadload time history
- Integrated ICP
- 24 bit, 110dB dynamic range

Our Committment............

As with all PC based systems and software, the power of the system is only as good as
the operator. All solutions provided by CentraTEQ Ltd come with an unrivalled level of
training (both theory and practical is available) and ongoing technical support, to ensure
you get the very best out of your Vibration Test system.

In addition to great up front and installation support we will also commit to an ongoing
warranty programme that can provide peace of mind cover on your hardware and software
solutions to combat against technical 'hiccups', faults and the never ending progress of

Fully Integrated............

Many buyers of vibration test systems are looking for 'Added Value' from their investments, we can ensure this is maximised by providing the most flexible control systems with the most effective upgrade path capability.

Being able to utlise hardware for Data Acquisition away from the test system, Structural Testing, Vibration Analysis and Rotating Machinery Analysis are just a few of the added 'extras' that ensure maximum life and use from your capital purchases.

Replacement Controllers

As well as complete turnkey solutions for shakers, amplifiers and controllers, Centrateq are well situated to offer replacement controller solutions to meet your test requirements.
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