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Product Test Solutions
Slip Tables

ETS Solutions slip tables are designed to provide the optimum test platform for horizontal testing with any shaker combination. The unibase concept provides a structural steel body to align the shaker and table on a rigid platform.

Slip tables can be supplied with new shakers or can be fitted to existing customer shakers including servo-hydraulic shakers.

GT Series

GT Series, guided oil film tables are designed with less expensive guided V-Groove bearings, combined with magnesium slip plates. Oil is supplied through the granite slab port holes and is dispersed throughout the underside of the slip plate. The oil film provides a low friction slip surface and a damping medium for restraint of resonances, pitch and roll moments.

BT Series

The BT Series design provides a high over-turning moment and cross-axial restraint. This concept combines a standard slip table assembly with 3000 PSI hydrostatic bearings to provide high dynamic moment restraint while preserving the damping characteristics of guide oil film.