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The ETS Solutions MPA series amplifier family is a wide frequency band digital switching (Class D) Power Amplifier designed
with the latest state-of-the-art technology. A number of built-in features in the amplifier allow vibration testing to be simple and
easy. The MPA amplifier series is made for continuous operation with each configuration adaptable to any existing or new
air-cooled or water cooled electro-dynamic shaker. Amplifier outputs range from 1 KVA to 300 KVA.
MPA100 Series
MPA400 Series
MPA700 Series
MPA3000 Series
MPA3000 series Amplifier

The High performance MPA3000 Series amplifier has a full power output of up to 300KVA. Designed for use with ETS
Solutions 'H' Series water cooled shakers and configurable to couple with any large sized water cooled shaker system. The
power supply for the field coil, cooling unit, hydraulic unit or other ancillary units are provided by the amplifier. Integrated
ancillary units can be part of the start-up and stop sequences.

Standard power modules from the MPA Series amplifier family are used in the MPA-3000 amplifier. The modular,
interchangeable power units allow fast replacement and minimum downtime with other amplifiers within the same family.
Slip Tables
ETS Solutions slip tables are designed to provide the optimum test
platform for horizontal testing with any shaker combination. The unibase
concept provides a structural steel body to align the shaker and table on
a rigid platform.
GT Series

GT Series, guided oil film tables are designed with less expensive
guided V-Groove bearings, combined with magnesium slip plates. Oil is
supplied through the granite slab port holes and is dispersed throughout
the underside of the slip plate. The oil film provides a low friction slip
surface and a damping medium for restraint of resonances, pitch and roll
BT Series

The BT Series design provides a high over-turning moment and cross-axial
restraint. This concept combines a standard slip table assembly with 3000
PSI hydrostatic bearings to provide high dynamic moment restraint while
preserving the damping characteristics of guide oil film.
Head Expanders
ETS Solutions offers Head Expanders for applications where larger vertical test mounting surfaces are required. Head
Expanders are manufactured from light-weight magnesium alloys, providing high strength-to-weight ratio. A choice of less
expensive aluminum alloy is also available for smaller fixtures without a significant increase in the total mass. The Head
Expander allows multiple items to be tested at the same time, decreasing total test cycle time. .

The latest software for FEM calculation is utilized for fixture designs to produce the best results for fixtures with exceptional
dynamic performance.
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